Erika Lindemann

Lizard’s Mouth

LIZARD’S MOUTH, a poem by Henry Manfredonia (WYP participant,  age 13)  Looking at all the rocks, which way do you go? You run up the rocks You feel the roughness on your hands You search for a shady spot to sit You look up, you see the shadow of the lizard’s mouth The lizard entreats …

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HORIZON Apprentice Program

Do you want to strengthen your naturalist skills? Are you interested in nature mentoring strategies? Become a WYP Apprentice.

Why Nature Connection Matters

Why Nature Connection Matters The late Yale Ecologist Dr. Stephen Kellert concluded that “findings in health care, education, work, recreation and community indicate that contact with nature is vital to child development.” Nature, Kellert’s research demonstrated, teaches children to cope and problem-solve. Hear a story Put Simply… Nature connection is the idea that human beings …

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Afterschool: Tunnel Adventures

Along the Gaviota coast there is a tunnel. Passing under the railroad tracks at a 30 degree angle, it exits along a seawall on a secluded beach. At high tide, waves batter the wall and powerfully reflect, converging with incoming waves to create 15 foot high pillars and sheets of spray. For an adventuresome group …

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